Nearing the finish of this draft. I’m getting antsy. I’m excited to go back and edit. There’s a part of me that wants to start editing the beginning before I finish, but a part of me says that’s a bad idea – that I should let it sit for a while so I can come back fresh to it. 

I wonder how many projects people work on at a time. Obviously, one can only write one piece at any given moment, but do other writers insist on finishing what they are doing before starting something else? 

I’ve taken to writing snippets. Brief pieces that catch the character of the thought racing through my mind so that I don’t lose them. Lately I’ve been writing different snippets from the same story and they’re so different from anything I’ve written as a story. I’ve typically been a strictly fantasy writer, These pieces are much more personal. I love the voice of them, and I’m excited to spin this tale, but I’d like to finish the fantasy novel that is nearing completion. And so I’m torn. This is a project I would work on myself, while the fantasy novel is a story I am co-authoring. 

In working on these snippets, I started to wonder, from the perspective of others in the industry, especially agents – Is it a positive or negative thing to write in multiple genres? 


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