Who are the Half Moon Kids?


Recently I’ve been inspired by a movement called the Half Moon Kids. Immediately I was intrigued by its purpose, community and goals.

“The Half Moon Kids is a community that shares the common thread of understanding that our dreams are not futile, they are our future, and that friendship is the key to unlocking those beautiful ideas locked away deep inside of us all.

As a band we wanted to share this perspective and invite people to not only call themselves a “Half Moon Kid” but live like one. We want our friends to strive to be the best version of themselves possible, and most importantly wake up every day and be excited to be themselves. Here is a forum to talk with us, and meet some new people. We encourage you all to share your music, your poems, your art, and your photos all here on this forum.
Let’s push each other to be the people we want to become.
Be Brave, Be Curious, & Be Legendary.”

Is it marketing for a band I love? Sure. But it’s more than that. To me, and many others in the community. It’s a concept I’ve been trying to take to heart. To try and create the best possible version of myself. To realize that dreams are not futile and we don’t need to stay stuck in a rut just because it’s safe. Through this venue I’ve seen a lot of great things, both for others and in myself. For others it’s a community where people can come together. They can share ideas, all manner of art, and especially I’ve found that they support each other. In a world full of hurting and broken people, a community where they can connect and offer each other support, even if they’re thousands of miles apart, is a beautiful thing. Young people are encouraged to chase their dreams. To share their music, their writing, their visual art, their cinema, and most importantly – to share themselves. Not that cookie cutter that they feel like they have to be, but the person they really are and want to be. That person that they hide behind the facade that society wants to see. That person that they long to let the world see but are too afraid to be vulnerable, because letting a world full of people see you vulnerable is a very frightening thing. Yet these people are allowing this community to become a place like that. And it is beautiful.

Personally it has helped open up my eyes to my own desires. I’m a writer. I write stuff. I give that stuff away to other people so that they can be impacted by it. So naturally, I wrote stuff there. I was embraced and supported there, and the movement as a whole helped me to realize – I AM a writer. I’m not waiting to become one. I’m not waiting for that time to be right so I can stop being something else and become a writer. So I’ve delved deeply and focused myself. I’m reaching for those dreams, I’m setting goals. I’m writing. I’m studying the tools and tricks of my craft. Honing my skills and polishing my work. Soon I’ll finish my first novel. I started a blog. I’m working on so much and though I feel so busy, life feels so full. So rewarding. It’s an incredible feeling. I took some time off and I wrote, studied, read, and wrote some more. I can say with confidence that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. One day I hope to make a career out of it. To write full time. But I’m still learning, and using what time I have, because life isn’t stopping, and I need to put myself out there.

So this movement has been a tremendous motivator in terms of my own self-reflection. So, in honor of the Half Moon Kids, I’m going to do a series of posts on the primary facets of the movement and how inspiring I find them. I encourage everyone to check it out at halfmoonkids.com. Find the best version of yourself.

Be Brave. Be Curious. Be Legendary.


One thought on “Who are the Half Moon Kids?

  1. I love the half moon kids. Their concept and ideas allow kids to open up and not be afraid to express who they are or what they want to accomplish. To motivate, be yourself and excel in all you do, love who you are and what you can be. You are the ultimate prize.

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