Be Curious.

Another in my series about what the Half Moon Kids means to me. Be Brave. Be Curious. Be Legendary.
Be Curious.

Let the world inspire you. Affect you. To have an effect on the world, it must first have an effect on you.
Be curious. The paths ahead are many. Each leading to myriad possibilities. What adventures will you unfold within the pages of your own tale? You are the navigator. The author of this story. Let it be a fascinating one. Try things. The world is full of them.
Too often I hear: “I don’t have a passion.” “I’m not good at anything.” “I don’t enjoy anything.”

You just haven’t found it yet. That thing, that brings a spark of hope. Ignites a flame of creativity. A torrent of joy as you experience it. You think – I could do this all day. I could make a career of this, simple as it is, and be utterly satisfied.

To find those things you must be curious. Take the helm of that ship, let curiosity take hold of your sails, filling them and leading you to adventures ahead. Flounder a bit. Do not be afraid of it. Every great success is filled with its share of failures. You have come aground, but it is not the end of the journey. Explore this place. What sort of people call it home? What can you do there? It just may be the start of a new adventure. You will meet new friends along with way. You will gain allies, but also enemies. You will find a beautiful, wondrous thing. Growth.

You will grow and find that you are not who you once were. It may seem like the time to quit. Your sails are torn. Hull breached. You are worn, weary, and tired. This place may seem as good as any to rest. So rest awhile. Repair. Rejuvenate. Re-energize. And continue. Take up the helm once more. Find new ports. New places to explore. And then, too, you will find that you grow. Never stop. Never stop growing. Learning. Trying. Dreaming. Reaching. Sailing.

Find your passion. Embrace your dreams.

Be Curious.



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