A Riot of Color

And suddenly out from the dark I came – a riot of color and sensation. At first deep blue, writhing about, then growing higher, higher, higher. The blue gave way to white, orange, and the dancing tails of flame soared higher. I could feel the hiss and crackle, the energy pouring out in all its forms. Light. Heat. Sound. And always the dancing maelstrom itself. It was brilliant. Jubilant. Exciting and wonderful. In that moment I was free.

I was the fire, leaping about, licking at whatever I could to catch this feverish heat. To spread it. A contagion that needed to be caught. I realized then that I needed to infect them. All of them. But that it started with myself. In my own grey days I felt so lost. Drab, frozen, and mucking about in my own fears. I needed a catalyst. It took only a moment. The fire was lit and I exploded. How such a radical change could come about I never knew. Maybe I still don’t. All I know was that it did. In that instant I saw the colors. It was a fit of creativity. A burst of inspiration. A torrent of incredible…power. Freedom.

Gasping, I breathed it in. The fresh air stoking the flames even further. I wanted more. I wanted to live in that moment forever. I felt invincible. Is this what it feels like to be alive? To live? I wanted to dance. To throw that riot of color to you. To all of you. In that instant, in that fit of color I was connected to something brilliant. The fervent yellows and blues of the sky. Green and brown like the woods behind me. The orange, blue, and white of the fire within. Connected with the world, with you, there is color. Alone and locked within myself, there are only shades of grey.

I want to infect the world. To share that color with it. With you. You never know where you’ll find that spark. The one that ignites the fire within. Find that fresh air, find that spark. Find that moment to stoke the flame until it explodes in a riot of expression.


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