A Moment of Wonder

If you watch and listen, carefully, you can experience so many moments of wonder. Wonder that can be so very easy to overlook.

Today I experienced a beautiful moment. I was off to myself, sitting in my little office at the school. My mind was absorbed in the nuances of paperwork – scheduling my day, all the busy thoughts one might think an adult thinks. The drone of the ventilation was a monotonous accompaniment to the tap of the pen.

A high pitched beep signaled an announcement. The woman in the office up front announced that finally, after a cold winter full of rain, snow and mud, recess would finally be held outside again. On the playground.

The school went wild for just an instant. Shouts of joy permeated every hall as the children in every room spouted their excitement. The energy was almost palpable.

I caught myself smiling. A genuine, hearty, childlike smile. I was in a room, by myself, where nobody else could see. But I heard that moment. I felt it, like a wave of delight rolled through the entire school in that instant. That moment was beautiful. I don’t want to let it go. I wonder –  how many moments do we miss? How many instants of pure, unadulterated joy, or introspection, or love, or hilarity we just pass on by as we live our lives, often oblivious to the little wonders of every single day.


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