I listened to the sunset…



I listened to the sunset dip as the clouds swam overhead – whispering in dialects unknown. Like zephyrs bound for heaven, they raced across the sky, wheeling through lanes of pink and violet, clutching to those fading stripes of blue. After they had gone, the coast began to speak, echoing the rhythm of the sky. They told the tales of countless souls who’d borne themselves to bask in the lapping of the waves, unaware of where they’d been or what they’d seen.

These waves have seen the lighthouse – throwing rays across the sky. They’ve wandered past the mooring boats that they’ve jostled to and fro, and listened to the stories of the sun. His fiery gaze burns on each day, recording the deeds of history. The decades come, the eons go, and still it trods on. The rise and fall of state and king, the race to meet the stars. All are privy to his gaze.

The waves they spoke in muted tones of wonders they have seen. They washed about my sandy feet, and told me of these things. And suddenly I seem so small. It was then I caught the murmurs of the wind…


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