I’d left this for awhile, working on longer projects. It’s been a season of change. I’ve completed a first draft for my fantasy novel. Started a couple new projects. I am collaborating with an artist for a project somewhere between graphic novel and web series. Began an urban fantasy that is going strong. And many tinier projects here and there. Freelance editing has helped me hone my craft along with reading. Always reading. Donald Maass has several excellent books on craft, as well as Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, and a handful of others. And I’m trying to read outside my comfort zone. Broadening my horizons. There’s so much out there, it is staggering. Teaching and helping others with their writing has offered me different insights into my own. It has certainly been an interesting ride.

Editing and the second draft for the fantasy novel is underway, while working on the urban fantasy. I’m never sure if it’s a terrible idea or not to be working on multiple projects all at once, but I learn something from each of them and it helps to get away from one project or another at times to get a fresh perspective.

I may post some old things and perhaps a teaser chapter from my latest project.

So much in the works. I’m going to attempt to become a more regular blogger, though that has always been a challenge for me.

Until next time…




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