Twilit ramblings…

Night wakens the soul. Yes?

As the night drips into the evening sky I find myself here, dictating incoherent streams once more; I’m embroiled in a maelstrom of thoughtspeech. Firing impulses draw me backward and forward throughout a timeline I scarcely remember.

Coursing through hollow veins once again spurts a fluid I once called home. Trembling he fell to the sky in a wracking fit of creativity. He’d forgotten how to write. Not the scratching of quill on paper or the dull clacking of depressed keys, but the deep waves of meaning searing forth and flooding the mind, grasping everything until the hunger was sated.

How many of these has he had? How many rivers has he depeleted? How many oceans dried? How many canvases frozen? I can’t rightly say. It’s been awhile … since I could … leak … anything.

I realize why he swims. Here he swims, drinking in the fluids (breathing) as they coalesce about his entire being. Without them, he drowns in its viscosity that even now threatens to bury him. I could let him; yet I would never breathe again! And the echoes of long forgotten memories of worlds never born and worlds born thrice over collide with faces/voices/fragrance/sensation we’ve always had but never embraced.

He soars and whirls and dives and rolls about the wisps of everything. I smiled at them today. And I know. I know something. That thing that I know is that I am alive. What I had not known since I could breathe; I’d forgotten the feel of it all.

Liquid ecstasy flows over me(us, he says), and we bask in the polychromatic singularity of the entropy that is our law. And we feel [OH how it feels] to live again.

We sigh and take in the breathtaking reality of all that isn’t real. But it is, I say. And he laughs. He laughs at me. For it cannot be, he scoffs. Now it is my turn to chuckle. I point to him. You are real. Even though you know you aren’t what everybody knows. You still retain your realness. He sighs. I’m right, he knows. Of course we are.

You can’t stop now. It’s already begun.

I want to dance. Soak up the sunlight. Swim in the wind. Fly across the warmth of summer. Embrace the creatures I call companions and smile; we’ve only just begun the journey. And we laugh. All of us.

“Desperate and ravenous … I’m so weak and powerless over you.” I wouldn’t dream for any other stars to shine like you do.

We smile. And return to that lovely place just beyond where we lie in bliss. Time to rejoin the world.

Time to live.


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