Nights like this I wonder where the moon has gone.  You’ve been my traveling companion on so many of these sleepless nights. But tonight you’ve gone. So today all I have are the shadows, thick and pooling everywhere I look.

The cold bites at me. Not bitter, but just enough to be harsh. The shadows jeer. Do I listen to them? Do I talk back? What would I say? Well, of course they hear everything I say to myself.

Mocked and encouraged. Teased and stoked. They rip me both ways. Tearing me apart. Prodding me forward.

But honestly, I’m alone.
The shadows, so incorporeal, offer no more comfort than these empty city streets.

As always, the street lamps never fade. Flicker and hum, they stand sentinel. Guiding me….to wherever I end up.

And so I guess I’ll wander. Forever a Child of the Night.


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