“The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors”

I revel in the dark. It’s when I feel most alive.
Simply myself and the shadows, dancing from one pool of orange sodium vapour glow to another.
So dark.
Yet I feel like that’s who I am. Perhaps just a piece.
So many pieces that nobody knows.
Do those secrets belong anywhere but inside me?
Do I?

There’s a beauty in it all. A twisted sort of magic. A haunting tale. And one day it will be. Little bits of eldritch lore woven into a tapestry so finely that none will ever know. Because nobody knows that story. So they must be spun into their own tales.
To exhale.
Breathing in the darkness is such a different dance than walking in the sun.

But I suppose, in the end, we all have our secrets. We all have our darkness.
And our light. Right?


What is it about Autumn?

What is it about autumn?   The brisk chill as the world cools over.  The vibrant colors as the trees lose their plumage.  The crisp crunch of leaves underfoot.  But there’s more to it.  A feeling that creeps into you.  No.  It was always there, dormant, waiting to be called out.  That part that revels in shadows and twilight.  Dark, almost sinister, but with the mirth and tricks of a child.  It’s difficult to explain, and the words never seem to match that feeling growing, surging, welling up, and peaking at Halloween.  Maybe it’s the child in me, crying out for release to revel in the joy of autumn…